Informed Decisions. Accelerated.

Full-spectrum solutions—from technology, to data, to analytics expertise—accelerating you toward intelligence and informed decisions.

Every step in focus.

Wherever you are in the intelligence cycle, Illuminate puts every step into focus. We can help you operationalize the latest technology, assist in the collection and transformation of your data, and analyze the resulting insights so you can make the right decisions with mission speed.

Operationalize Technologies and Tradecraft

Collect and Transform Data

Analyze, Decide, and Act with Speed

right lens
for the
right answers.

We can do it all, or just support a piece, because we have the experience and teams to make it happen. No matter your data challenge, we have a solution to bring the answers into focus.

We Invent.

Illuminate is at the forefront of the next wave of capabilities and tradecraft – making the most of data with the latest in advanced concepts. But more than just research and development for its own sake, our industry partnerships mean we’re answering today’s critical questions.

We Innovate.

Sometimes innovation means making the most of the technology you have. We can bring in new technology or optimize what’s already in place. Don’t let older technology slow you down and get in the way of extracting the maximum value from your data.

We Bring Insights.

Technology and data on their own cannot shed light on your challenges. Our background in operations and intelligence gives us the perspective to help you interpret your data and quickly take action.

The right aperture provides just enough to show the answers you need.

Accelerating Data
Answers. Intelligently.

We provide solutions for our clients, including:

The team, focused on finding your answers.

With teams spread across the US and UK, Illuminate has you covered. Our roots in large-scale data engineering and pedigree in driving insight from data give us the experience to tackle the toughest analytic challenges.
Our people have broad backgrounds and areas of deep experience – including research in cloud-enabled AI/ML, enterprise networking, data acquisition, analysis, and other industry expertise.
We’re stronger because of our varied backgrounds. Bringing them together benefits you.


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